Appreciation of scientific and academic status Professor Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh for receiving the title Founder and father of modern science in world tourism management

Following this success, the official and international ceremony of honoring “Professor Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh” with the presence of the President of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and a group of presidents of world-renowned universities and members of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) on Monday November 16 was held online at the Persian Gulf Sound Cultural Complex on Kish Island.

This ceremony was planned to appreciate the scientific position of Dr. Malekzadeh and explain the effects and results of MFT theory on the development and revival of the tourism industry in the post-Corona era, which was welcomed by international organizations and world-renowned universities and a large number of Iranian scientists and elites living in the United States and Canada.

Professor Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh is a MFT Universal Theorist. Awarding the title of founder and father of modern science in world tourism management has made him one of the world’s top scientists. This title was awarded to him by the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) in an official letter on October 15, 2020, after the scientific confirmation of the MFT theory by professors from world-renowned universities in the tourism industry and the official support of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Dr. Malekzadeh’s achievements and innovations were widely praised, appreciated and approved by a large number of scientists, researchers, heads and professors of universities, experts and high-ranking officials of global educational and tourism organizations. Some of the official letters and messages sent are as follows:

• Dr. Kakha Shengelia, President of IAUP and President of Caucasus University, Georgia,
• Dr. Jony Haryanto, Rector of President University, Indonesia,
• Dr. Takeshi Matsuda, President of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan
• Mrs. Carol Fajardo Marino, General Director of Bogota’s Tourism Office, Colombia,
• Dr. Ilham Madadov, President of Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University, Affiliate Member of the UNWTO
• Dr. Shawn Chen, Rector of SIAS International University, China
• Ms. Tamara Calzaghe, Chairman of Gold S.R.L Sardinia, Italy,
• Professor Wilson Silungwe, Executive Director of the Zambia Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Studies,
• Dr. Mostafa Babanli, Rector of Azerbaijan Oil and Industry University,
• Professor Donald Hawkins, Full Professor at George Washington University, Vice Chairman of the UNWTO Affiliate Members,
• Dr. Sabur Khan, Rector of Daffodil University, Bangladesh,
• Dr. Corne Dijkmans, Manager of Research and Business Innovation, Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands
• Dozens of Iranian professors and elites living in the United States and Canada.

These professors and heads of international centers and organizations, by sending and reading their official letters, have stamped another confirmation on the MFT theory and celebrated the scientific and brilliant position of “Professor Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh”, the former Iranian vice president, university professor and famous author.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Professor Malekzadeh thanked the loving messages of his compatriots, especially a letter from a group of Iranians living in the United States and Canada, and expressed his love and gratitude to all of them, especially Dr. Tofu Mussivand, the first inventor of cardiopulmonary bypass in the world. He also thanks Dr. Kakha Shengelia and other guests for attending this ceremony. Then he started to explain about MFT. Traditional tourism was concentrated on time, environment and man. In the current era, traditional tourism has not been able to meet the nature of the global tourist needs. I presented a new model with my research and changed the pyramid of needs to the nature of needs, and the fourth side, peace of mind, was added to it.
The father of the new science of world tourism introduced the nature of needs as spirit and psyche, which causes the formation of the fourth side of need, which is not visible but is the essence of the nature of tourism. The MFT model will change the definition of tourism in the world. Tourism after MFT is the tourism with peace of mind. This model adds a new horizon to provide this approach to the definitions and foundations of tourism and transforms small local communities into entrepreneurial, economic and advanced communities. With this new definition, we must pay attention to the nature of the human request to travel and we must respect the new needs of tourism.
Next, Malekzadeh invited Gholam Abbas Barzegar, the top rural entrepreneur and director of the Bavanat Eco-tourism complex near Shiraz, and Zahra Barzegar, the youngest tourist guide in Iran, to introduce this family as a successful example of moving in the direction of the MFT model. They could add the fourth dimension to the traditional triangle of tourism needs, i.e. the nature of the need and creating memories for the tourist in the environment, were able to receive the title of the best entrepreneur in the country and the fourth top destination in the amazing places of Iran in the shortest possible time while creating jobs for tens of thousands. Also, moved their local communities towards economic and advanced communities and made Barzegar Iran’s first rural billionaire.
Furthermore, Miss Zahra Barzegar, as the youngest tour guide in the country, who at the age of seven, during Dr. Malekzadeh’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, succeeded in receiving a guide card from the then President, thanked Dr. Malekzadeh for his support and pointed out this point. Inspired by the MFT theory, they have also tried to create lasting memories for tourists in Bavanat that will bring them satisfaction as well as peace of mind.
Then, Dr. Kakha Shenglia, President of IAUP and Caucasus University, while greeting and congratulating Dr. Malekzadeh in Persian, read his message. At the beginning of his message, he mentioned the excellent work and extraordinary theory of MFT, which was approved by UNWTO and world-renowned universities, which led to Dr. Malekzadeh being awarded the title of Founder and Father of Modern Tourism Management Science. Based on this exciting and inspiring theory, I agree with Dr. Malekzadeh that traditional methods of tourism management do not meet the needs of tourists today and that services must be tailored to their needs. The goals seen in this theory are both ambitious and achievable. I would like, on behalf of the IAUP and the University of the Caucasus, recognize this theory and congratulate you once again on this success.

George Washington University welcomes Professor Malekzadeh for scientific and educational collaboration based on MFT theory
Professor Donald Hawking, a full professor at George Washington University, congratulated Dr. Malekzadeh on his success and read the official message, and announced the readiness of George Washington University for educational and research cooperation with SITI1 International organization.
The Vice Chairman for Affiliate Members of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) said: “Affiliate members and tourism ministers of the UNWTO are looking for innovative solutions and initiatives in the tourism industry that can address the negative consequences of the Corona epidemic and ensure the revitalization of the industry.” Undoubtedly, the MFT theory could be one of these initiatives.
He added: The COVID pandemic has demonstrated to the world that traditional methods of tourism managements need to be adapted to respond to new realities. According to MFT, attention to the human and spiritual aspects are at the core of his theory.
In the last part of his message, he emphasized that it is necessary for the needs of tourists to be compatible with the services and products they receive in order to bring peace of mind and create a meaningful experience and help improve the quality of life. These are among the global goals leading towards a more inclusive, sustainable, comprehensive and resilient future for tourism.

Bogota’s Tourism Institute in Colombia invites Professor Malekzadeh to teach MFT theory for postgraduate courses
Karol Marino, Director General of the Bogota”s Tourism Institute expressed her congratulations on this success, recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and tourism activists, invited Dr. Malekzadeh to teach MFT theory to Bogota Tourism graduate students on their Master Class, in order to have the tools and adopt insights about this interesting theory, being part of such a great project.
Director of the Bogota Tourism Institute adds: In Colombia we agree that the tourism must have a large content of innovation and creativity, where people really connect not just with different and diverse experiences that destinations provide, but with whole cultural context, local communities, emotions with fulfilling experiences where tourist and visitors live, enjoy and feel a wellness environment in every trip is made.
Ms. Marino said: “A new opportunity has been provided to synergize and exchange knowledge based on studies in the field of tourism and taking into account the new scenarios created as a result of the corona outbreak, to be able to adopt different attitudes and tools to our countries as destinations.” Tourism to meet the special needs of each tourist. This attitude will enable the tourist to relax his soul while experiencing a life in the local communities.

At the end of the ceremony, Shal Ayari, which is an ancient symbol of valuable Iranian culture and has a special place among the people of Sistan and Baluchestan, awarded to “Professor Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh” by a group of artists in this province to present their appreciation and thanks for his efforts in promoting the culture and name of Iran.